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Reorganized Plant Integrated Press Client List


 GUOSEN Bamboo equipment products sold at home and abroad, well received by users. 

The following is from the Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Strand weave Bamboo flooring (Scrimber, bamboo panels, heavy bamboo) equipment, some manufacturers list of heavy bamboo enterprises:

Anji Juntai Baomboo & wood Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Senda Bamboo and Wood Products Co.,Ltd
Greentimber Technology Baomboo & wood Co.,Ltd
Yixing Huabao Bamboo&Wood products Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo &Wood Flooring Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Huayi(Yixing▄▄■▓)Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang YongYu Bamboo Development Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Huali Industrial Co., Ltd.
Fujian Yonglin Bamboo Industry Co.,Ltd.
Z-Giant stron bamboo flooring Co.,Ltd
Fujian Yafeng Bamboo Co,.Ltd.
Zhejiang Changxing Jingwei Bamboo&wooden Industrial Co.,Ltd
BoxesFuzhou Min Yuan Sheng Woodcraft Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Anji Huixin Bamboo&wooden Industrial Co.,Ltd
Fujian Shaxian Rulan Bamboo Co,.Ltd.
Longyou Tianci Bamboo Co., Ltd.
Fujian Shishan Bamboo Co,.Ltd.
Zhejiang Longquan Xinyuan Baomboo & wood Co.,Ltd.
Anji tianpeng wooden & floor Co.,Ltd.
Zi Xi Dazhuang Floor Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Laike Bamboo Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Nanfeng Zhenyu Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Deqing SunTo Bamboo Flooring Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Feiyu Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.
Long You Gao Qiang Jin Gu Jian Making Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Bingfeng Wooden Co,.Ltd.
Zhejiang Lida Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.
Yixing Yao Long Bamboo & Wood product Co. Ltd.
Anhui Wanxi Chemical Perfume Co., Ltd.
Jaap Anhui bambú Co, Ltd